Tilex 2022, Mectiles Italia shines in Iran, as the “Specialized exhibition of tiles and ceramics” in Yazd goes beyond expectations

The Casalgrande-based company, also in Tilex, Iran, has personally met many customers and new commercial realities ready to open up to Mectiles Italia products

The 14th edition of Tilex 2022, the “Specialized exhibition of tiles and ceramics”, which took place in Yazd, Iran, from November 24th to 27th, in the presence of some of the major companies in the ceramic sector in the world, was a moment to savor for Mectiles Italia.

After the great success of Tecna 2022, at the Rimini Exhibition Fairs, the Reggio Emilia company also attended UniCera 2022, which took place from November 7th to 11th at the Istanbul Expo Center, and then was the protagonist of the Ceramics Expo Bangladesh in Dhaka from November 24th to 26th.

Well, after these three successful experiences, the exhibition path of Mectiles Italia continued in Iran, at Tilex 2022, where the Casalgrande-based company, gave further strength to the project of expansion and dissemination of its products and related latest-generation technologies, which is giving excellent results.

In Yazd, the company met with many different clients coming from all over the world and let its name expand and develop as a worldwide leading company in the second-hand ceramic machinery sector.

At the International Exhibition Center of the Iranian city, which hosted the event, there were over 100 companies that exhibited their technological innovations applied to the ceramic sector, so much so that Tilex is now considered one of the most important gatherings worldwide.

In addition to Mectiles Italia and many other companies from all over the world, the presence of Chinese ceramic entrepreneurs was particularly large, eager to seize new investment opportunities at various levels.

The Casalgrande-based company, also at Tilex 2022, in Iran, has met many customers in person and new commercial realities ready to open up to Mectiles Italia products, the world leader in the redevelopment of used ceramic machines.

Thanks to the work of Mectiles Italia Study Center, the first-acquired, then-redesigned machinery is then reintroduced on the market, taking advantage of used prices, but strong in the latest generation technologies: a chance not to miss for any worldwide customer.

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