Mectiles Italia is a world leader for regenerated ceramics machinery: cutting-edge technological research at the same price of second-hand machinery

Technological progress has reached unprecedented levels in the ceramics industry. That being said, then, while a few years ago the human factor was decisive, today the leap forward comes from research and innovation.

Purchasing new machines for marching in step with progress is a costly affair, yet tile manufacturers cannot suppress their drive to lead. A ceramics production system with cutting-edge machinery guarantees an extremely high production quality that cannot be achieved with outdated plants. Given these circumstances, we can become your precious ally, by combining authentic Italian-made processing with technological research and innovation.

Thanks to the prominent position we acquired on the market, we have been a world leader for years in the regeneration, repurposing, and efficiency enhancement of used ceramics machines. As a result, companies that purchase our systems can rely on cutting-edge technology at prices that are normally applied to second-hand equipment.

Moreover, besides supplying regenerated ceramics machinery, Mectiles Italia takes care of the entire production process. Starting from the design and supply stages to the testing and final installation of complete systems for manufacturing ceramic tiles, we follow you in each and every step.

Throughout this global growth process, our company – which specialized in the plant engineering sector – has expanded its range of operations. For example, we now include the production and sale of tiles directly to companies, according to the customer’s needs. This market segment continues to grow and, besides the traditional formats, it is increasingly bent on the so-called large-size slabs offered in various sizes. Our slabs ensure extremely high-quality thanks to their sturdiness, allowing the company to garner a considerable market share.

About the regeneration of used systems, our ceramics machines follow stringent guidelines which make the resulting equipment highly competitive in terms of efficiency, low production costs, and flexibility of use.

Italian machines and style for a premium-quality choice

For the regeneration of used systems, the company based in Casalgrande, in the province of Reggio Emilia, pays special attention to energy-saving concerns and sustainability principles. These are two aspects that are becoming more and more important by the day.

As a result, our systems are increasingly well-equipped to reduce their environmental impact, in line with the global trend in industrial production.

Ultimately, the perfect blend of production efficiency, environmental sustainability, and competitive prices – achieved through considerable investments in research and design by the Stefano Compagni-led company – has turned us into a world leader in the supply of regenerated systems.

At an economic level, the main advantage of choosing our ceramics machines over competitors’ machines is the possibility of optimizing the advantages of used equipment by paying a lower price. The regenerated systems, although being paid less, still maintain the quality of a cutting-edge finished product. That is why our products are so appealing to our customers. A similar outcome can be achieved through the careful analysis, design, and adaptation of the machine’s performance to the needs of customers. In this way, our customers will get what they are looking for at the price of a used machine, but with the utmost efficiency. 

The Chairman, Stefano Compagni

“In Italy we have reached our peak, now we must continue to grow globally. The secret? Quality, a professional attitude, investments and a fantastic work environment in which we really feel like a family”.

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