With reference to ceramics, MecTiles does not only manufacture machines for producing tiles of any type and size, but also includes sanitaryware. In this sector, thanks to the latest technological innovations, the company regenerates and repurposes used machines for the production of sanitaryware. Washbasins, water closets, bidets and bathtubs of all kinds: anything can be manufactured by using MecTiles machines which are revisited by mechanical engineers and optimised according to the customer’s needs. These systems are able to cover the entire production process: for the initial phase we have a complete range of discontinuous mills, dissolvers and agitators for preparing ceramic mixes and enamels; then there is the casting phase, which is performed with the traditional method or through the use of high pressure (which relies on an innovative technology), followed by the drying, glazing and firing phases; in the final stages, the newly-produced sanitaryware items are handled with laser-guided vehicles which carry them to the warehouse, where they are stored with an automated system.

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