In the production of porcelain stoneware, the so-called “hard” materials make up more than 40% of the solid materials of the recipe. Feldspars are generally used for this process, but small percentages of fired production rejects are also added. When preparing ceramic mixes with wet grinding systems, these materials – with a maximum size of 3-4 mm – are used in order to guarantee an adequate and balanced productivity. Hard materials are normally reduced to this size through dry grinding. Mectiles Italia offers complete lines for grinding hard material, including all the reduction stages, automatic recirculation of the material, transport and storage of the finished product. Mectiles Italia has all types of individual machines for this purpose, including impact mills, pin mills, hammer mills, ball mills and micronisers, and has also designed a new compact and efficient machine, the “MAC” mill, that can pulverise all types of fired ceramic rejects, glass and hard materials from a starting size of 150 mm.The MAC multi-stage vertical mill is made up of degreasing modules equipped with special rollers for crushing the material, and finishing modules for reducing the material to the desired size. The modules are perfectly identical in terms of their structure and motors: they are all equipped with inverters to manage the various grinding phases, and can be easily accessed for carrying out maintenance operations and replacing the rollers. The productivity can reach 10 tonnes/hour depending on the size of the incoming material.

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