Brand-new and second-hand ceramic machinery for slabs and tiles

We are an Italian company boasting over twenty years of experience. We have quickly become a market leader in the regeneration, repurposing and efficiency enhancement of used ceramics machines, which are reintroduced on the market at second-hand prices. After being purchased, these systems undergo complete processes aimed at redesigning, regenerating and sometimes repurposing them, depending on the customer’s needs. These processes are carried out thanks to our Study Centre, with the aid of cutting-edge techniques and technologies capable of guaranteeing the utmost production efficiency and substantial energy savings, with a special emphasis on environmental sustainability.

Our products

Our products


Design, supply and installation of machines and complete systems, both new and entirely regenerated, adapted to the customer’s needs, for the production of ceramic tiles for interiors and exteriors.

Slabs and tiles

Wholesaling and in-stock retailing and production of the finest Italian and foreign brands of large stoneware slabs and R11 tiles for interiors and exteriors. Showroom – storage and packaging.

Backing application

An innovative backing application system consisting in the application of a fibreglass mat to the back of the finished slab, which makes the slab tougher regardless of its size and prevents it from collapsing or parts of it from detaching.


In pursuing growth, we are also specialized in the design, supply, and installation of machines and complete systems for the production of bricks, extruded material and any type of ceramic sanitaryware.


Supply of complete systems for bottling. Cutting-edge solutions for filling and packing, suitable for containers of any type and material, including plastic, glass and tin cans. Pre- and after-sales technical assistance.


Regeneration of used presses and the supply of new presses for the production of aluminium pots and pans used on traditional and induction hobs. Spare parts service and pre- and after-sales technical assistance.


Constantly increasing turnover. The pre-pandemic figures have already been beaten

Ongoing technological research and the expansion of its business into other segments, such as the new backing application line, digital prints of extremely high quality on any type of material, the production of new presses for aluminium pots and pans and the regeneration of used machines for Food & Beverage production lines, have allowed the Casalgrande-based company to generate a constantly increasing turnover which reached over 40 million Euro a year in 2021, up from the 28 million Euro of 2020, in the first year of the pandemic, and well above the 35 million Euro generated before the outbreak of the pandemic. This achievement confirms the company’s ongoing commitment and broad vision of its business targets.  Currently, we have 48 employees on a fixed-term basis, alongside a host of external collaborators who make our company fluid, lean and flexible in tackling any challenge. 

Other business segments include: bricks, ceramic sanitaryware, compressors and UPS units, and digital printers

In pursuing growth, our company has also specialized in recent years in the design, supply, and installation of machines and complete systems for the production of bricks, extruded material and any type of ceramic sanitaryware. The Casalgrande-based company also supplies a broad range of used industrial compressors, entirely regenerated and ready for being reintroduced on the market, in addition to various brands and models of generators. Another premium-quality process is the production of digital prints, through latest-generation printers. These prints can also be purchased directly through our staff or in our store, together with scanners and plotters with an extremely high performance – far superior to traditional products that are currently available on the market – capable of reproducing amazing images and colours on various formats and materials.

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