The Reggio Emilia-based company has identified in the Beverage area a new sector in which to expand its business, by designing and manufacturing machines and complete systems based on the specific needs of each individual customer, sector and market. By applying our expertise and through investments in research and innovation in the field of plastic material technologies, packaging and decoration, we have become a leading company in the design and manufacture of packaging that is safe for the product, unique for the consumer and sustainable for the environment. We foster intellectual curiosity and invest in the development of skills, because we want each person who collaborates with us to contribute with pride and passion to our success as “ONE TEAM”.

From “stand-alone” machines to complete lines, for an increasingly integrated, efficient and sustainable management of the beverage production line.

The new goal of MecTiles: becoming a leader also in the Beverage sector

MecTiles Italia is currently expanding its business into the Food & Beverage sector, by initially focusing on the Beverage sector and then moving on to the supply of food packaging and distribution systems in the future. Its approach – the same adopted over the past 20 years that has made the company a market leader in the manufacture of ceramics production systems – consists in regenerating, repurposing, optimising and enhancing the overall efficiency of used beverage machines, by adapting them to the customer’s needs, after an adequate feasibility study. The new owners will thus purchase a brand-new system incorporating the latest technology and boasting a highly-advanced production capacity, at the price of a second-hand system. 

Thanks to its collaboration with leading international companies, MecTiles can currently produce complete systems from scratch, custom-built according to the specifications of customers and their market objectives.

Several fields are involved, from bottling to packaging of liquids, developed through constantly evolving technological solutions. 

In this regard, in keeping with past and current trends in the ceramics sector, where MecTiles is a world leader, the Reggio Emilia-based company continues to invest in research and technological innovation applied to beverage filling systems, adapted to various types of containers (glass, plastic or tin cans). The goal is to provide customers with a high-performance system in line with the highest standards and a safe packaging for the product that combines unique features with environmentally sustainable processes.  

This may be accomplished either by supplying stand-alone machines, namely specific production units, or the complete process chain, or even individual components, whenever the market requires them, so as to create an increasingly efficient but also sustainable management of beverage production systems.

Lines for plastic caps

In the Beverage sector, MecTiles Italia has also specialised in the supply of complete lines and single machines for the production of plastic caps through compression moulding processes using rotary hydraulic presses designed specifically for creating thermoplastic components by compression. This procedure involves a continuous work cycle during which the plastification unit feeds the plastic material, which is then divided into pellets of adequate size before being inserted into the press cavity. Compression moulding is a technology that is widely used throughout the world, so much so that half of the world’s plastic caps that are currently in circulation are manufactured with this process.

Machines for the production of PET preforms 

The Casalgrande-based company is also able to provide a complete line for the production of PET preforms through injection systems.

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