MecTiles Italia provides complete systems for preparing ceramic powders and other powders, with systems that dose raw materials both in batches and continuously, complete with loading hoppers, weighing systems, conveyor belts, lump breakers and iron removers, and logic control panels for the fully automated control of multi-component, solid and liquid recipes.MecTiles Italia provides all types of wet grinding mills: discontinuous mills, continuous cylindrical multi-chamber mills with separation diaphragms, continuous conical single-chamber mills and modular mills. To complete the grinding department, MecTiles Italia also provides all kinds of ancillary machines necessary to obtain a high and constant product quality: vibrating sieves, iron removers for slip, storage tanks, agitators for all types of tanks, both buried and above-ground, made of concrete or steel, round or octagonal; moreover, the company provides all types of pumps for transferring and dosing liquids: pneumatic pumps, peristaltic pumps, centrifugal submerged and non-submerged pumps, and also piston pumps. We have dissolvers of various sizes for clay, fine powders and pressed filter material. For the production of powders we have new and used atomisers of all sizes, from 5 l/t to 25,000 l/h of evaporated water, complete with all accessories and with varying degrees of automation, as required: with cyclones, with wet separator, with sleeve filter; with lances, automated management of start-up, washing and stoppage. All ancillary accessories are available, including piston pumps with 9,000 and 13,000 l/h flow rate, slip filters and chamber washing systems.For all machines and installations we can supply support framework and access and maintenance canopies, designed in-house in compliance with the applicable regulations. 

Storage of base and coloured powders

MecTiles Italia can provide various solutions, starting from the storage of fine powders, used both as raw materials and as additives: the relevant storage silos are equipped with pneumatic systems for filling from trucks, filtering systems and system to aid unloading.We have various storage facilities for atomised powders that include stainless steel silos measuring up to 140 m3, complete with supports, conveyor belts from the ATM to the silos and from silos to presses, lifting devices and supplementary accessories such as sieves and iron removers. The press feeding section can be completed with silos for storing coloured mixes and dry colouring systems for powders, complete with continuous dosing systems.Upon request, we can also design tailor-made solutions for existing spaces and complete the solution with new-generation control panels.

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