Purchasing new machinery, in order to keep up with the times has really high costs, but at the same time tile manufacturing companies  remain on top: a ceramic production plant, with latest machinery,  allows a very high level of production quality, not achievable with obsolete systems and it is precisely in this context that the role of MecTiles fits in, an Italian company that combines the quality of Made in Italy with research and technological innovation.
MecTiles Italia, thanks to the important role it has carved out for itself within the market, has for years now become a world leader in the regeneration, requalification, and efficiency improvement of used ceramic machines, so much so that companies that purchase MecTiles plants can take advantage of Latest technology, taking advantage of second-hand prices.
Not only that: MecTiles Italia, in addition to the supply of regenerated ceramic machines, takes care of the entire production process, from design to supply, from testing to installation of complete plants for the production of tiles.

New ceramic machines thanks to important partnerships

MecTiles Italia doesn’t just stop at the regeneration of used items only, but thanks to partnerships with worldwide leading companies in the field of design and production of new ceramic machines, it has the possibility of being at the forefront also in providing the latest generation of production plants and spare parts of all kinds.
Although being able to rely on these important partnerships, the core business of MecTiles Italia remains that of second-hand ceramic machines, optimized by a feasibility study, in the most faithful respect possible of the customer’s needs, with the aim of streamlining and making the production phase is efficient, while reducing costs and increasing environmental sustainability.

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