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The regeneration of presses for the production of pots and pans is one of the various MecTiles Italia sectors that are quickly expanding. The company is focusing heavily on this sector and already boasts leading national and international players among its customers. We are receiving fewer and fewer requests for regenerated machines that produce pots and pans used on traditional cookers, whereas the demand for products used on induction hobs, which completely eliminate the use of fossil fuels in favour of pure electrical energy, is growing exponentially. Now, thanks to the use of cutting-edge systems, MecTiles is able to satisfy these production requirements without neglecting large-scale retailers and restaurants, which are not relying on induction hobs and still use traditional equipment. For these sectors, the company supplies a complete production line, while also providing technical assistance and spare parts for handling any situation.

New presses for the production of aluminium pots and pans. MecTiles also specialises in the production of new presses for aluminium pots and pans used on traditional and induction hobs.

Within a very short time MecTiles Italia has reached a level of excellence that has made it the current reference point for the entire sector, thanks to years of experience and highly qualified technical staff who can complete the entire installation process, from the testing phases to the initial start-up and component search. The Italian company also provides a spare parts and after-sales assistance service, supporting customers in developing their business. 

Mectiles Italia presses for the production of cookware: circular economy and ecological transition

The MecTiles Italia brand is not only synonymous with machines for ceramic production, but is also increasingly associated with various other sectors in which the Casalgrande company is opening up important slices of the market. Among the various business areas that Stefano Compagni’s company is developing and making grow, the sector of the sale of presses for the production of pots and pans has acquired great importance, both in terms of turnover and market positioning.

In a context such as the current one, in which the market suffers, debilitated by the lack of raw materials, by the increase in prices and by extremely dilated delivery times due to the difficulty of finding new materials, the requalification of traditional ceramic presses into those to the production of pots and pans has proved to be a trump card for Mectiles Italia, which counts top-level customers in this new sector both nationally and internationally.

Greater pressing, material saving and cost reduction

The need for a greater pressing force is linked precisely to the saving of material: with the high tonnage presses produced by Mectiles Italia it is in fact possible to coin the disc of uniform thickness by carrying out a transfer of material in order to obtain a product having different thicknesses at various points; this leads to a sustainable use of aluminium, unlike deep-drawn cookware which remains uniform in thickness.

The exploit of induction hobs

Another relevant aspect is the fact that induction hobs are replacing traditional methane gas stoves, which are disappearing from the shelves to make way for such technologically up-to-date and above all more ecological devices.
Induction cooking, however, requires the application of a perforated ferrous alloy disc in the bottom of the aluminum pot/pan to allow heat transmission, but to carry out this operation correctly, an increase in pressing power is required, a result that Mectiles Italia presses are able to obtain with absolute quality.

Mectiles Italia, at the forefront in the fight against consumption

Among other things, the company from Reggio Emilia operates in the cookware sector through the requalification of products that are now obsolete for the ceramic sector, giving them back a new and long productive life, after they have been suitably modified and integrated for the new use, with a considerable saving of both materials and energy for their production.
This is why we can say that, to all intents and purposes, Mectiles Italia is at the forefront in the fight against consumption and helps the ecological transition, leaving a better world for future generations.

Versatile presses that allow the production of even non-coined cookware in large quantities

MTI presses for Cookware are extremely versatile and allow the production of large quantities of even non-coined cookware, thanks to a hydraulic circuit specially designed to work at high speeds, with low tonnages and to the logic switchboards made internally for the specific application .
Mectiles Italia presses can be used in any line and for any product: from those for the production of uncoated aluminum food items for restaurants, to cookware coined starting from the blank disk and subsequently coated in polytetrafluoroethylene up to deep-drawn and large-scale consumer products from line of pre-painted discs.

Mectiles Italia, given the many years of experience in the regeneration of complete plants for ceramics, bricks, tiles, sanitary ware, porcelain, cement and last but not least in the bottling of natural and sparkling water, flat liquids in PET and glass, as well as the specialization in disassembly, packaging and reassembly of complete plants of all types, can supply complete used plants for the production of pots, integrating them, if necessary, with newly built parts and providing a disassembly and reassembly service at the customer’s home.

CE certification and assistance with video camera to intervene immediately on the problem, reducing costs

All machines subjected to regeneration and change of intended use are CE certified and have all the necessary safety features whether they are used individually or inserted in a production cell.
The power and logic switchboards are manufactured with high quality components from leading Italian and European manufacturers.
Being an internal production it is possible to manage communications with the loading and unloading machines with all the main European manufacturers. Furthermore, remote assistance with video camera is available, which allows problems to be solved remotely without sending technicians, with a consequent saving of energy, time and money.
The machines supplied by Mectiles Italia have all the requisites to be eligible under the provisions concerning Industry 4.0 goods and each press is subjected to scrupulous tests before being placed on the market.
The after-sales technical assistance is made up of a well-trained and numerous team of expert technicians in hydraulics and electronics.

In short, Mectiles Italia is your reliable, punctual and expert partner in the production of aluminum pots and pans.

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