Second hand regenerated machines for ceramic tiles production: Mectiles Italia, world leader in technological research, but with the advantage of second-hand prices

Second-hand regenerated machines

Second-hand regenerated machines for ceramic tiles production: Mectiles Italia, world leader in technological research

The ceramic industry has experienced surprising technological advances which, until a few years ago, seemed unthinkable even in the world of regenerated ceramic machines. If in the past the human element made the difference, today research and innovation make it possible to make a significant leap in quality.

However, buying new machinery to keep up with the times involves considerable costs. However, tile manufacturing companies cannot disregard being in the forefront. A ceramic production plant equipped with state-of-the-art machinery makes it possible to reach very high production quality levels, inaccessible with obsolete plants. And it is precisely in this context that Mectiles stands out, an Italian company that combines the excellence of Made in Italy with research and technological innovation.

Mectiles Italia has achieved a prominent position in the regenerated ceramic machinery market and has established itself as a world leader. This allows companies that purchase Mectiles plants to benefit from cutting-edge technologies at affordable prices.

But that is not all. This company from Reggio Emilia takes care of the entire production process: from design and supply, to testing and installation of complete plants for tile production. Furthermore, Mectiles offers an excellent assistance service, which includes the disassembly and installation of both existing and new systems.

In the course of its global growth, this Italian company, specialized in the plant sector, has expanded its operational scope to include the production and direct sale of tiles to companies. Based on customer needs, Mectiles satisfies a constantly growing market segment which, in addition to the classic formats, is increasingly oriented towards large slabs. These slabs can have variable dimensions and Mectiles guarantees an excellent quality level also in terms of sturdiness, so as to conquer a significant market share.

With regard to the regeneration of second hand plant, Mectiles Italia comply with rigorous guidelines which aim to provide extremely competitive instruments in terms of efficiency, production costs and flexibility of use.

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