Sacmi Phr 1600 press for refractories

Available at Mectiles Italia is the powerful fully refurbished Sacmi Phr 1600 press, complete with its related accessory machines. It is designed for forming refractory materials and is known for its reliability and high production versatility, while maintaining low energy consumption. The electrical panel of the press has been manufactured by Co.fin Electronics of Fiorano Modenese, a partner of Mectiles Italia.

The Sacmi Phr 1600 press is designed for forming refractory materials, standing out for its reliability and high production versatility. With a pressing force of 1,600 tons, this machine excels in performance while keeping energy consumption low. Among the factors contributing to the quality of the final product is the advanced automatic feeding system, ensuring uniform distribution of the mixture within the mold.

The electrical panel is also perfect, entirely manufactured by Co.fin Electronics of Fiorano Modenese, a company with proven experience in the field of industrial automation, particularly focused on the ceramic sector, and a partner of Mectiles for several years now. The company, headed by President Stefano Compagni, recently entered into joint ownership with Mectiles, acquiring a share of the capital.

A rapid and reliable tooling system completes this solution designed to manage very fast production cycles and ensure maximum versatility. All setting and mold changing operations can be completed in less than an hour. The automatic control software for thickness and pressure ensures the utmost repeatability of the process, allowing for consistently achieving desired values of product density and dimensions, regardless of conditions.

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