Mectiles Italia will rely on Deutsche Bank to further expand its business worldwide, with a special emphasis on a “green” approach

Mectiles Italia, a world leader in the regeneration of used ceramics machines, which is expanding its business into the food & beverage sector, the production and regeneration of presses for manufacturing pots and pans used on traditional and induction hobs, innovative backing application systems for large ceramic slabs, which are increasingly in demand, and the production of new ceramics machines, has chosen Deutsche Bank for an important financing operation aimed at sustaining the company’s expansion process and energy requalification scheme, in line with environmental sustainability principles defining the entire production process.  

Deutsche Bank, through a dedicated business banker structure, has devised for Mectiles Italia a customised solution for successfully tackling the expansion process of the Reggio Emilia-based company.

Among many other banks on the market, Mectiles Italia chose to rely on Deutsche Bank for its transparency, financial solidity and careful management of assets, but also for being one of the world’s most renowned banks that is a cornerstone of the European banking system.

The funds obtained by Mectiles Italia will enable the company operating in the ceramics market (not a multinational) to boost the efficiency of its production cycle and sustain the many investments it will have to make in a constantly evolving scenario.

Thanks to a dynamic and flexible product, Deutsche Bank will support Mectiles Italia in its structural growth process and trading activities with the international market, where the Italian company has ample room for expanding.

“By choosing Deutsche Bank we seized the opportunity to merge distinctive Italian craftsmanship with German solidity and reliability,” said Stefano Compagni, the chairman of the Casalgrande-based company. “Mectiles Italia is expanding its horizons into other production and business sectors, with a special focus on the environment and the community at large.  There’s no doubt that the agreement with Deutsche bank will speed up our growth process compared to the recent past, enabling us to attain increasingly ambitious goals”.

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