Indian Ceramics Asia, from February 15th to 17th: Mectiles Italia “returns home” to expand its business

The Reggio Emilia company will be present at Indian Ceramics Asia in Gandhinagar (Hall 2 – Stand C221L), a trade fair organized in a country that for Mectiles Italia has always represented one of the leading markets since the dawn of President Stefano Compagni’s company

The new year begins an important season for Mectiles Italia which, through participation in the most important trade fairs around the world, intends to further broaden its horizons to consolidate the growth process, already underway for years.

In fact, through various trade fairs, Mectiles Italia will meet many different production realities, through which it will be able to grasp new solicitations from the market, so it can identify solutions to always be at the forefront in the supply of services and products designed to satisfy every customer need in the ceramic sector.

In this regard, to follow up on this global growth project, from February 15th to 17th, owner Stefano Compagni and his closest collaborators will be present at Indian Ceramics Asia in Gandhinagar, at Stand Hall 2 – Stand C221L, where they will be able to meet old and new customers and closely explore a market that Indian industrialists consider to be booming, having set as a goal the doubling of their turnover by 2024.

Among other things, the Indian country has always been very important for the Casalgrande-based company. Since the early days, a strong relationship has been consolidated over time, to transform India into the leading market of the commercial activity of the company chaired by Stefano Compagni.

India’s growth in the ceramic sector, thanks also to the profitable activity of Mectiles Italia which has contributed to the birth of many local companies – today managed by brilliant young Indian entrepreneurs eager to learn and grow quickly – is mainly driven by their request focused on Made in Italy machinery, with cutting-edge technologies.

This machinery helped Indian entrepreneurs a lot in recent years: the high-quality products at their disposal are the reason why they are so able to fulfill buyers’ requests, coming especially from the US, Europe, and the Middle East, alongside their own country.

Indian Ceramics Asia is an annual global fair conference for the ceramic and brick industry, which therefore attracts key players from all over the world in search of greater competitiveness and better production efficiency that is punctually combined with the advent of the latest generation trends and technological innovations, today increasingly in line with the principle of environmental sustainability to which Mectiles Italia cares very much.

At Indian Ceramics Asia a wide range of state-of-the-art machinery, high-quality raw materials, laboratory equipment, technical ceramics, storage equipment, and much more will be exhibited, all of which are used in the ceramics and brick creation process.

At its 17th annual edition, Indian Ceramics Asia will be held from February 15th to 17th at the Helipad Exhibition Centre in Gandhinagar, the capital of the homonymous district in the federated state of Gujarat, India.

Each edition includes one-to-one meetings between top buyers and exhibitors, facilitated by an innovative business platform that connects supply and demand.

Most of the buyers will come from the Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Mediterranean, European, and Latin American regions: a vast panorama of customers, acquired and potential, that Mectiles Italia, with its experience and its technical quality, will certainly be able to stimulate profitably, expanding its business.

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