Indian Ceramics Asia 2023, Mectiles Italia the headliner thanks to its mesh line that, after Italy and Europe, conquers the ceramic producers of the Asian country

Mectiles Italia focuses on India and headlines the Indian Ceramics Asia 2023!

For the Stefano Compagni-owned company, India has always been a strategic place to be. In fact, over the years, India has become the flagship market for the Casalgrande-based company.

For this very reason, Mectiles Italia could not miss the appointment with the 2023 edition of Indian Ceramics Asia, scheduled from February 15th to 17th in Ahmedabad, where, in the stand Hall 2 – C221L, Compagni and his closest collaborators, were able to meet old customers, consolidating business relationships and mutual esteem while doing business with other entrepreneurs who are giving prestige to the world of ceramics in the Indian continent.

Indian Ceramics Asia

Mectiles Italia, over the years, has contributed to the birth of many local companies, today managed by brilliant young entrepreneurs who have increasingly focused their requests on Mectiles Italia retrained Made in Italy machinery, strong in cutting-edge technologies, with which they are now able to give answers of the highest level to the needs of their customers from all over the world, often with low costs, compared to market averages.

The Ahmedabad fair, which saw the return of face-to-face meetings between exhibitors and visitors, recorded very significant numbers both at the level of exhibiting companies and buyers, each animated by the desire to present to the market – or to grasp from it – the innovations developed during the pandemic.

At the Indian event there were over 1200 manufacturers of articles for ceramics that animated a truly varied market, in which the requests for large slabs are increasing and are gathering more and more interest from all over the world.

Precisely to treat large slabs, but not only, but Mectiles Italia has also proposed at Indian Ceramics Asia 2023 the new mesh line that has long been a protagonist in the major Italian companies and has now become a line fully cleared by Mectiles Italia: a cutting-edge production line at the technological level, which focuses on energy saving; a completely eco-green line that therefore provides for a very low environmental impact contributing – with facts and not only with projects – to that ecological transition of which everyone is now talking about.

Back to large slabs, the market today asks for products of various sizes, both with thicknesses higher than the standard – even up to 30 millimeters – and with increasingly thin thicknesses, but which, at the same time, must be even more resistant. And it is precisely in this context that the new MecTiles mesh line can make the difference thanks to its considerable flexibility that allows it to process slabs of all types, from the lightest to the heaviest, to meet the complex and varied needs of the market.

The Mectiles Italia mesh line, presented in recent days at Indian Ceramics Asia 2023, is called Ecogreen: it can be adapted and weighted according to the needs and spaces of the customer and presents a fully automated and digitalized production cycle, in compliance with industry 4.0 regulations for all machines and for the general framework, as well as being composed of a loading portal,  from a polyurethane and mat application area from a catalyzing area and the unloading portal on the case or chassis.

The new line can eliminate paper and plastics from the production process, thus significantly reducing costs, as well as ensuring a very high level of protection of the sheet itself and a cleaner and safer working environment for operators.

The elimination of an air spray system with a cabin prevents the risk of overspray, helping to further improve the working environment, as well as reducing the hours of maintenance and cleaning of the plant, with consequent cost savings.

Each slab rests on the Barella supports, a patented flat recirculation system, capable of protecting the slab, avoiding any type of accident, mark, or scratching during its transport. This system also avoids the insertion of plastic sheets which, in addition to being expensive and requiring an extra operation, since it must first be inserted, then removed, is also harmful to the environment because, at the end of the process, it must be disposed of as waste.

The bidirectional air circulation system, designed by Mectiles Italia, favors a reaction between the isocyanate and polyurethane components in a short time, thus accomplishing an important energy-saving target and obtaining, at the end of the process, a mat plate free of any problems of detachment between the slab itself and the relative mat.

In addition to that, the distribution of the isocyanate-polyurethane complex takes place through a comb system that allows a targeted diffusion of the substances on the surface of the slab, to keep the application areas clean. The complex is specifically designed by Mectiles Italia, in close collaboration with the best chemical production companies in the sector, to offer a product that gives important guarantees of solidity and compactness, thus avoiding the mat detaches from the relative slab.

The comb system also allows the reduction of the use of solvents and cleaning detergents, compared to other techniques, as it requires much smaller quantities for the sanitation process and maintenance of the good conditions of the plant.

As if that were not enough, the new line is smaller than traditional machines, saving space inside the production premises.

Well, at Indian Ceramics Asia 2023 the Mectiles Italia mesh system, as it has already done in Italy and Europe, has conquered everyone!

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