Co.fin, Mectiles Italia entering with a 20% stake, and the family continues to grow

Mectiles Italia, a world leader in the used ceramic machinery sector, is expanding its horizons into other market segments. Recently, the company entered into Co.fin with a 20% stake. Co.fin is a Fiorano Modenese-based company with proven experience in industrial automation, particularly in the ceramic sector, operating in the market since 1983.

This strategic move aims at further growth for Mectiles Italia, strengthening its ties with one of its major suppliers. It also marks the company’s entry into the field of electrical panels, broadening its range of offerings, which already includes used and new ceramic machines, the marketing of slabs and tiles through its section called Slabs & Tiles, the production of presses for creating pots and pans, and the supply of plants for the beverage industry.

Stefano Compagni, the president of Mectiles Italia (In the photo below), is confident that through this new partnership, his company can discover new synergies and possibly explore new market opportunities. He stated, “We decided to join Co.fin, attracted by its extensive experience in the sector and the quality of its products and services. The press sector is one of our strengths, and by interacting with a company like Co.fin, we can make the most of the high-quality products of our partner.”

Stefano Compagni - Mectiles-Italia - co.fin

The Fiorano Modenese company, a long-time partner of Mectiles Italia, sells its products in many countries worldwide, spanning various regions from Mexico to Bulgaria, dealing with brands such as Co.fin, Nassetti, Welko, Siti, Keda, Modena Machinery, Sacmi, Matrix, Bricks, and Laeis.

Co.fin Elettronica’s objectives include the production, installation, and maintenance of industrial automation systems. The electronic design and programming of devices are developed entirely within the company.

With years of experience in creating electrical panels, focusing on boards and programmable logic controllers (PLC), Co.fin adds significant value to Mectiles Italia’s portfolio. President Compagni emphasizes the importance of this aspect: “Co.fin’s specialization in the production of boards and PLC ensures a high level of flexibility in programming, aligning with our commitment to offer customized solutions. Being flexible allows us not only to adapt programs to the specific needs of the customer but also ensures greater availability of spare parts.”

Compagni also highlights the crucial advantage of updating programs on older machines: “In our sector, where technology evolves rapidly, the ability to update programs on older machinery is a significant plus. This not only extends the useful life of the equipment, a crucial aspect, but also allows us to adapt to changes in the technological landscape without the need for complete structural interventions.”

In addition to electrical panels for presses, Mectiles Italia’s focus on innovation extends to other areas. Compagni mentions, “We are expanding our expertise to cover control panels for various types of machines, starting from our own ecological clay preparation system called Ecogreen, to storage units. This diversification allows us to meet a broader range of industrial needs and positions us as providers of complete solutions in the market at every level.”

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