Beverage Division, the new market segment launched by Mectiles Italia with a Facebook page for customers

The business areas of Mectiles Italia are in constant evolution and in recent years the Casalgrande-based company has launched itself into the world of Food & Beverage, with particular attention, at least for now, to the Beverage section, to then perhaps develop in the future also the part relating to the supply of systems for the packaging and distribution of food.

All of this is taking place in strict compliance with a script already seen, the same script that has led Mectiles Italia to be a leader in the used ceramic machinery regeneration sector, so much so that today the Reggio company is intensifying the process of acquiring used machines linked to the Beverage world, to then regenerate them and put them back on the market, taking advantage of second-hand prices, but providing the customer with a revised product, adapted to their needs, then redeveloped ad hoc and brought to the top of production efficiency, with minimum energy consumption.

The fields of intervention of the Beverage area are many, from the bottling to the packaging of liquids, from the presses for the production of plastic preforms, to the production line of the variegated world of caps.


In this sense, as it was in the past and as it still is in the ceramic sector, the Reggio Emilia-based company continues to invest in research and technological innovation, improving the beverage filling systems adapted to the various types of containers, glass , plastic or cans, in order to provide the customer with a performing system in compliance with the highest standards and safe packaging, unique for the final consumer, but also sustainable for the environment.

All this can take place by moving from ‘stand-alone’ machines, i.e. specific production units, to the complete process chain or to the supply of single components, when the market requires it, in order to create an increasingly more efficient management of beverage production plants. efficient, but also sustainable.

Macchina pro-forme

Nowadays, among other things, buying new machinery, with the raw material crisis gripping the whole world and the delay in the delivery of components, can become really difficult and the prices of new systems are anything but competitive, that’s why more and more companies are turning to Mectiles Italia in order to have a single machine, a block of machines or even a complete regenerated line, sometimes completely redeveloped according to the customer’s needs, at decidedly lower prices and in fairly short times .


Despite having started this business not long ago, Mectiles Italia has already included various machines in its warehouse capable of satisfying all types of needs of any company operating in the Beverage field. To start giving visibility to the products that are entering the market, many of which are already ready to be placed on the market again, the Casalgrande company has created a Facebook page, “Mectiles Italia Srl – Beverage Division” through which it is possible to interact with the commercial office and see directly on the web some objects of the available samples.

As you can see from the social page, there are not only bottling lines, but also machinery for the production of plastic caps, as well as tools for the production of preforms, i.e. the blow molding machines that transform the test tube into a plastic bottle made and finished.

In short, if the Beverage industry is also suffering the pangs of this global crisis which does not seem to want to abate, choose a used Mectiles Italia machine or complete line, with a second-hand price, with rapid delivery and top efficiency , can really become the best solution to beat the competition even in difficult times like the ones we are experiencing.

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