Second hand machinery for ceramics by Mectiles Italia, a successful expansion

Second hand machinery for ceramics by Mectiles Italia, a successful expansion

Mectiles Italia is unquestionably the world leader in supplying used machinery for ceramics by offering retrained and customized solutions. With over 25 years of experience in the sector, the Reggio Emilia-based company has made extraordinary progress, increasing its turnover year on year and demonstrating remarkable resilience during the years of the Covid-19 pandemic, to then restart with great momentum.

Thanks to continuous technological research, Mectiles Italia has established itself as a leader in the sector by expanding its horizons towards new market segments. In addition to the marketing of large slabs and the innovative patented line for reinforcement net application on ceramic Slabs, the company is now also involved in the production of sanitary ware and complete lines for Beverage sector.

One of the expansion sectors on which Mectiles Italia is focusing is innovative technologies and research. This approach has allowed the company to stand out on the market, offering cutting-edge solutions.

The Mectiles patented line for reinforcement net application on ceramic Slabs, called Ecogreen, represents a leap forward in the evolution of the world of large slabs and supporting technologies. This revolutionary system is able to work slabs with a thickness between 3 and 20 mm. Thanks to a fully automated and digitized production cycle, compliant with industry 4.0 standards, Ecogreen has completely eliminated the use of plastic and paper, reducing production costs and simplifying plant cleaning operations at the end of the production process.

Second hand machinery for ceramics

Another challenge successfully faced by Mectiles Italia concerns the beverage industry. Thanks to constant technological research, the company has developed complete lines for the beverage industry, with new filling systems for plastic, cans and glass bottles, as well as environmentally friendly packaging. These plants can be customized with specific production units, which can be integrated into existing production lines, or they are supplied as complete production lines. The assistance in the sales phase and the spare parts service guarantee Mectiles a highly attractive position in the sector.

Mectiles not only deals with used machines for ceramics, but also offers regenerated or newly manufactured presses for the creation of induction cookware and discs. Also in this sector, the Casalgrande-based company has rapidly conquered a significant market share, which continues to expand year after year thanks to the efficiency of the assistance and spare parts service even after the sale.

Mectiles Italia has demonstrated, in the second hand machinery world for ceramics, an extraordinary ability to adapt and anticipate market needs, offering innovative solutions in the field of ceramic machinery and in various related sectors. With its constant technological research and commitment to excellence, Mectiles Italia confirms itself as the undisputed leader in supplying cutting-edge machines for the ceramic industry and for satisfying the needs of the most demanding customers.

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