Second hand ceramic machinery: the guarantee of cutting-edge technological research for systems available at second-hand prices

Second hand ceramic machinery

Second hand ceramic machinery: the guarantee of cutting-edge technological research for systems available at second-hand prices.

In the ceramic industry the progress of technologies has reached surprising levels, radically transforming the way in which the finished product is obtained.

While in the past the human factor played a determining role, today it is research and innovation that allow for a significant leap in quality.

However, the high costs associated with purchasing new machinery to keep pace with technological evolution represent a challenge for tile manufacturing companies. But there is a solution that allows them to maintain high quality standards without having to face huge expenses: the purchase of used ceramic machinery, also known as “second hand ceramic machinery”.

Mectiles Italia is a world leader in second hand ceramic machinery, thanks to its specialization in the regeneration, requalification and optimization of used ceramic machinery. This allows companies that choose Mectiles systems to benefit from cutting-edge technologies at affordable prices.

The second hand ceramic machinery of Mectiles Italia is supported by a complete service, which includes the design, supply, testing and installation of finished plants for the production of tiles. In addition, the company provides excellent technical assistance, including disassembly and reassembly services for new plants, but also for existing plants.

The expansion of Mectiles Italia’s activities is therefore not limited only to the marketing of second hand ceramic machinery, but thanks to its expertise in the plant engineering sector, the Italian company has diversified over the years also through production and direct sales of tiles to companies, adapting to the most varied needs of customers: in particular, Mectiles has seized the opportunity, offered by the growing interest in ceramic “large slabs”, which differ in their size, to stand out on the market with products of the highest quality and suitable for every situation.

Returning to the second hand ceramic machinery regeneration process, Mectiles Italia follows rigorous guidelines to guarantee the supply of highly competitive machinery in terms of efficiency, production costs and flexibility of use.

The company from Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia) in the regeneration of second hand ceramic machinery has been committed for many years to the search for constant energy savings in compliance with the principles of sustainability; with this in mind, in fact, Mectiles Italia is making great progress in reducing the environmental impact of its regenerated plants, in line with global efforts to protect the planet.

The purchase of second hand ceramic machinery from Mectiles Italia also offers considerable advantages from an economic point of view. Compared to the competition, the company of the president Stefano Compagni optimizes the benefits of second-hand equipment, offering systems at affordable prices, while guaranteeing an avant-garde finished product. Thanks to a careful work of analysis, design and customization of the performance of the machinery according to the customer’s needs, Mectiles Italia ensures a high level of production and energy efficiency.

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