New coining press for aluminum pots and pans with device for induction cookers: great success for Mectiles Italia at Ambiente 2023, the leading home-appliances fair held in Frankfurt

The COVID Pandemic has changed the lives of many people’s lives and conditioned and redirected the flows of world economic processes according to new habits. Taking advantage of the wave of change, Mectiles Italia has entered this context with the new press for induction pots and pans that had great success at Ambiente 2023, in Frankfurt, the worldwide reference fair for the home-appliances sector, which has been held between Friday 3rd and Tuesday 7th February.

After three very tough years, Ambiente 2023 was re-proposed in Frankfurt and the reception of it was great. Supported by many companies and buyers from all over the world, the fair’s organizers were able to show the customers how far and wide the new needs of a constantly evolving market have changed throughout the years.

At the end of the fair, the Ambiente 2023 was flattering. This bodes well for the recovery of the sector, given that this edition was considered crucial to test the home-appliances market – which has experienced some sort of a rollercoaster ride in the past three years. In fact, if with the advent of COVID people found themselves forced to stay at home and therefore in need of accessories and machinery for the so-called self-made, when people started going out again and found themselves in restaurants with poor investment capacity, the opposite effect occurred, starting a deep crisis from which, we have not emerged yet.

It is precisely in this context that the presence of Mectiles Italia at the Ambiente 2023 is inserted. In Frankfurt, the Casalgrande-based company endured great success thanks to the presentation of the new press with 4600 tons of power, for cold coining of aluminum pans and pots for induction stoves (in the photo below).

In Germany, Mectiles Italia has been able to meet existing customers, who have flaunted expansion plans, with the possibility of installing new machines, as well as having been able to meet new customers who are gradually breaking away from the world of traditional deep drawing, approaching that of high-tonnage minting of articles with induction.

Unfortunately, the Frankfurt fair was marred by the tragic earthquake in Turkey, which forced many Turkish operators to leave the event earlier than expected. A real pity, because Turkey, before this drama, was one of the expanding realities in the cookware sector. Now, it is forced to fight a humanitarian tragedy and the reconstruction of a territory with ancient traditions.

Despite this, the Stefano Compagni-owned company can be considered satisfied with the outcome of the fair, which highlighted the great interest of many companies towards the press for the production of pans and pots for induction fires, confirming the fact that Mectiles Italia is always in step with the times.

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