Slabs in stock

An ample stock of large slabs in all standard sizes and with various thicknesses, including 3/5/6/10/12/20 mm, updated weekly with new arrivals from the finest Italian brands. Moreover, we have a network of sector professionals who can work on any project that is submitted directly to us by our internal structure, and we oversee every aspect, from the presentation and choice of the product to the final shipment throughout Italy and worldwide. 

Dedicated productions

Upon request, for large-scale projects we also have a line with graphics for dedicated productions. Our network of graphic technicians is available for any need, whether to ensure continuity of products or to complete single large-scale projects. This is a challenge that our staff took up a few years ago in the top markets where we are present worldwide with our 6 mm and 12 mm-thick slabs, which are used in the construction, distribution and furniture sectors. 


Over the years we have acquired experience in the transformation of products thanks to the collaboration with the leading professionals in the field; we rely only on the very best solutions available and cover all phases of the project, from the initial idea to the finished product, with the help of expert designers willing to dare with fresh ideas that turn any project into a finished work.

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