Beverage, the new frontier of the Mectiles Italia world.

Beverage is the new frontier of the Mectiles Italia world.

Mectiles Italia achieves important market shares in the Beverage world with customized solutions. The company, based in Reggio Emilia, is expanding its business in the Beverage sector, focusing on the design and construction of complete machines and plants tailored to the specific needs of each customer, sector and market. Thanks to the skills acquired and investments in research and innovation in the field of plastic material, packaging and decoration technologies, the company is positioned as a leader in the design of safe packaging, unique for consumers and sustainable for the environment. The company encourages intellectual curiosity and invests in skill development, engaging every collaborator with passion and pride as an integral part of the team’s success. From “stand alone” machines to complete lines, Mectiles Italia offers solutions for increasingly integrated, efficient and sustainable management of the beverage production line.


The main objective of the company is also to become a leader in the Beverage sector, making use of its over 25-year experience as a leader in the ceramic production plant sector. Mectiles Italia redevelops, optimizes and makes used machines in the Beverage world more efficient, adapting them to the specific needs of customers. This allows customers to acquire completely new plants, equipped with the latest technologies and state-of-the-art production capacity, at competitive prices. However, thanks to partnerships with major global companies, Mectiles Italia is also able to create complete beverage-related systems, specifically developed on the basis of customer specifications and market objectives. The company operates in many areas, including the bottling and packaging of liquids, using constantly evolving technological solutions.

Beverage: the target is to quickly become a market leader, such as in the ceramic sector.

As in the ceramic sector, where Mectiles Italia is the world leader in the marketing of second hand ceramic machinery, the company continues to invest in research and technological innovation in the Beverage field for beverage filling systems, adapted to the various types of containers such as glass, plastic or cans. The goal is to provide the customer with high-performance systems that meet the highest standards, guaranteeing safe packaging for the product, unique for the final consumer and sustainable for the environment. Mectiles Italia offers a complete range of solutions, from the supply of “stand alone” machines to the complete management of the production process or the supply of individual components, based on market needs. In the Beverage area, Mectiles Italia then developed a specialization in the supply of complete lines and single machines for the production of plastic caps.

Mectiles Italia, within the beverage sector, has developed a particular specialization in the supply of complete lines and individual machines for the production of plastic caps. This process takes place through the use of rotary hydraulic presses specifically designed for the creation of thermoplastic products by printing and compression. The method used provides for a continuous work cycle, in which a plasticizing unit feeds the plastic material. Subsequently, the material is cut into pallets of suitable size and placed in the cavity of the press. It is important to underline that compression molding is an already consolidated technology worldwide, so much so that more than half of the plastic caps currently in circulation are produced using this process.

Mectiles Italia is also able to supply a complete line for the production of PET preforms using injection systems.

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